Day 189 -- My boy, "Bob," Reviews Danica Davidson's ESCAPE THE OVERWORLD

Today, I am featuring a book review by the brilliant and strange boy that inhabits my house, age 9. In order to protect him from the paparazzi, we'll call him "Bob." Bob is reviewing Danica Davidson's Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure, ESCAPE FROM THE OVERWORLD.

Danica is a fairly local author, living just an hour from where we live, and "Bob" jumped at the chance to read her book and tell you a little about what he thought. Danica has a new series -- ADVENTURE AGAINST THE ENDERMAN coming out this fall. "Bob" thinks that if you know a kid who is into Minecraft, they'll probably like these books.

"Bob's" Review:

Characters:  They seemed really smart, but were kind of idiots at times. Sometimes they were funny, but not laugh out loud funny. I also thought that some parts were unrealistic (I know that's funny, since it's a book about a video game).

Setting:  It was pretty cool that a character from Minecraft came to our world. It was different than other Minecraft books I've read. Some parts weren't as descriptive as they could have been. Like the line was "I saw some rocks I've never seen before," but I don't know what the rocks look like. I want to know if they're blue rocks with pink polka dots, or what.

Plot:  The storyline kept my interest and there were some good surprises. The story was a good length, but I like reading long books (350-1000 pages, but never 1001), so I'd like lots of stories like this jammed together into one book. The cover was cool, but I didn't think the title necessarily fit the story, since the main character spent most of the book trying to do the exact opposite. I'd read another book by this author if I had one, but I'd love more cliffhangers.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars -- which is great, but not the best book I've ever read. Truly great books have at least 10 cliffhangers. 

I'd like to thank "Bob" for his time and energy. He devoured most of the book in one sitting and was very thorough in his review. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more reviews from "Bob" in the future. Until that time, check out Danica's books on Amazon.