Out with the old...

So, now that I'm a big time, fancy author (or you know, I play one on t.v.), I've decided that I needed an author's website. This is actually kind of important. No matter how much I thought writing was about sitting down and hammering out sentences... there's a lot more to this author stuff. So here's my new website, and my new, glamorous blog. (Let's hope I do a better job of blogging here than I did on the old one.)

Which brings me to the point of this tiny, not that interesting post. If you are desperate for some nonsense or 'wisdom' that I typed a while ago, it is still here, for now. I cannot guarantee how long it will be there. I don't have any plans to tend to that old site, any longer. But it's there for now.

As they say -- Out with the old, in with the new.