Day 2 (!!!!!!)

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hanging out at Fanfare in Kalamazoo, Michigan for Free Comic Book Day, and it was awesome. I got to meet tons of people, I got to share information about my book, AND I got to give stuff away, which always makes me happy. If you've never experienced a Free Comic Book Day, be sure to check it out, next year. It's always the first Saturday in May, and comic shops all over the country celebrate. It's... well, it's free comics, PLUS a gathering of like minded folks that all geek out over similar stuff. It's awesome. 

Today, I'm trying to align my ducks. 

I keep thinking that I should have more ducks to line up. When something this monumental happens, there's usually a million loose ends at the last possible moment. So I keep searching for those dangling participles... but the book is already done. It's fully baked, or in this case, already printed. Presumably, it's in the back rooms of bookstores, waiting to be shelved on Tuesday. It exists without me, now. 

I feel a little bit like I did when my oldest daughter left for college. It's not that she doesn't need me anymore, or that she isn't mine, anymore... but her life goes on, whether I watch it happen or not. 

On Tuesday, this little book starts life on its own. 

So, just like I gave my daughter when she left for school, I have a few words of encouragement for my book. 

To Gemma - I did all that I could to give you the agency I've often felt I lacked in my own life. I put you through some awful stuff, and I'm sorry for that. But believe me... you're a better character for having gone through it. I don't think you'll risk being called a Mary Sue, which I always worried about. I couldn't stand to watch you bullied. I hope it was enough, and I hope the world loves you as much as I do.

To Tollan - Oh, Tollan. I inflicted upon you all of my own mental baggage. While I've always wanted to be a Gemma, you and I have far more in common than she and I ever will. I'm sorry to have saddled you with so much crap. All I want for you is a happy ending.

To Elam - Everyone needs someone like you in their life, and I hope that I did enough to compile characters around you that can prop you up, just as you've propped everyone else. You started out as a trope in my mind, but you've become so much more. Of all the things I've done with this book, it might be you that I'm most proud of.

To Devery, Wince, Isbit and the rest of the gang - There has never been a supporting cast that I wrote that I felt more connected to. I tried to give you each your own reasons for what you did, even if they only exist in my mind (*cough*- I'm looking at you, Lian). I hope to someday finish filling out those tales, because each of you deserves your very own story.

To the readers that will soon experience the world of Yigris and take from it whatever they will - thank you for trusting me with your time. I hope that when you're done, you don't regret it, and even more than that, I hope that you recognize someone you know within it's pages. We're all a little bit Gemma, or Tollan, or Elam, or Wince.

Nah, let's face it, we're all a little bit Wince, no matter what else we are.

Joy upon your house, today. I know there is upon mine.