Day 6

Welp... that's pretty freaking real, right there. 

Six days until TQU hits the shelves. Six days until that childhood dream is achieved, and I have to set the next one. Six days for me to remember how to breathe. Up until the last week or so, everything was going exactly as usual. I'd go to work, I'd come home and write or hang out with my family or watch t.v. or read. 

But then, somewhere around the first week of April, it suddenly struck me that it was almost here. May 8th, the day that seemed like it would never come, was right around the corner. 

So, I did what any sane person would do.

I panicked.

But... it's also a little freeing, because there is literally nothing I can do about the book, now. It's printed. It's shipped. It's waiting in warehouses to go onto shelves and it exists 100% outside of me. So, even though the big day is looming, I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed. 

The book has gotten some pretty good reviews. ALA Booklist said, "This is a fast-paced and fun first novel that gives readers an exciting new world to explore. An easy, gripping read for older readers."

And Kirkus called it "a glorious celebration of female power." Which.. you know, isn't too shabby.

Jenn Christensen at Hello Jenny Reviews said, "In the end, this book was such a shockingly amazing read." 

Don't get me wrong. There are also people who are less than thrilled. But that's okay. I knew when I wrote it that it wasn't going to appeal to everyone. What has surprised me is how little the negative reviews are bothering me. When once it felt like this story was a child that I birthed, I now feel like it's a shirt I bought that I really love. I don't understand why people don't like it, but hey... I like my shirt, and I'm proud of it.

These last few days are a whirlwind. Prepping for appearances, writing up interviews and blog posts and I even did a podcast interview. It's all very... surreal. But in a good way. 

Every day brings a little more wow, and a little more disbelief that this is my real life. But it also brings a calmness. This. Is. My. Real. Life. I've done a thing that I never thought I'd achieve, and in doing so, I've become braver, stronger, way smarter, and a little happier. My life was great before -- now, it's downright amazing. 

Thanks for sticking with me these last couple hundred days. I look forward to the blog post I'll write in a couple of weeks titled Day +4. And then, when (not if, but when) another project sells, I'll start all over again. Until then, I'm just going to enjoy it.